Mobility Scooter Questions?

We have the answer to the big question, “How do I get a Scooter Through Insurance?” and more…..

How Do You Qualify for a Mobility Scooter?

Most insurance companies follow the Medicare Guidelines. These can be found on the website.  We will attempt to translate the guidelines into a step-by-step process. The information is for educational purposes only. Always remember that different insurance companies have different policies and procedures. This is only to serve as a “guide.”. We never tell doctors or nurse practitioners what to do. We make no claim that you will be authorized and approved for a scooter or any other medical equipment. We are not doctors, therapists, or nurse practitioners, nor do we play one on TV. We are just trying to help anyone through the process in the best and fastest possible way.

Step 1: Face to Face Meeting

It all starts with a face to face visit with the doctor or nurse practitioner. The visit must end with an 8 element script described below and the notes from the face to face with all of the required information. No Virtual Visits allowed.

Remember the primary purpose of the face to face visit is to evaluate the need for Scooter (Insurance does not allow any forms for you to used). 

Step 2: Official Notes from the Face to Face Meeting
(no letterhead, side note, etc.)MUST include:

    • Primary purpose of the doctor visit is: SCOOTER (POV) ( Insurance will NOT accept office visits for any other reason.
    • The Purpose of the Scooter is for MRADL’s (mobility related activities to daily living) in the home ONLY!  Use outside the home is NOT justification for the equipment.
    • The user’s physical mobility defined in a quantitative manner (i.e. do not use phrases like: “weak”, “limited”) A number scale is needed to define upper and lower extremity strength (i.e. upper body strength is 3/5). NOTE: If your patient’s upper extremity strength is 5/5, Insurance will only authorize a manual wheelchair.
    • Upper & Lower body mobility and strength must be addressed in the notes.
    • Justification for why the user cannot use the following equipment for mobility: cane, walker, walker with wheelchair, any type of manual wheelchair IN THE HOME.
    • The user can operate the tiller of the scooter.
    • The user is alert and oriented and is able to safely drive,
    • The user is able to Maintain postural stability and position while operating the equipment.
    • The user can safely transfer to and from the scooter.
    • The Doctor or Nurse Practitioner MUST physically or electronically sign and date each page of the notes.
    • Date of the Notes and the Date on the Script for the Face to Face Visit MUST Match

Step 3: Script for the Equipment

Medicare required 8 element order for Mobility Scooter

Insurance Update 2024 - 8 element order

Updated for 2024 - Medicare required 8 Element Order for Mobility Scooter

  • Once the Face to Face visit is complete, a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner must write a script with the following information:
    1. Name of Patient
    2. Write: “Scooter” as prescribed item
    3. Write : “Date of Face to Face Visit: XX/XX/XX”the word Face to Face must appear on the script
    4. Write: “Length of Need: 99” Meaning the length of need is for lifetime
    5. Diagnosis Codes pertaining to receiving a scooter
    6. Doctor’s or Nurse Practitioner’s Signature (no rubber stamps)
    7. The Signature has to be dated (Yes, there are two dates on the script)
    8. Doctor’s or Nurse Practitioner’s NPI number

Step 4: Doctor or Nurse Practitioner to forward information to a local DME (Durable Medical Equipment Dealer)

The local DME Dealer of your choice that accepts your insurance then will send a detailed description of the prescribed equipment to the Doctor or Nurse Practitioner to be signed off. The final step is to send for insurance authorization and if approved dispense the equipment.

Step 5: Send for Authorization

The local DME Dealer of your choice that accepts your insurance then will send a detailed description of the prescribed equipment to the Doctor or Nurse Practitioner to be signed off. The final step is to send for insurance authorization and if approved dispense the equipment.

Handy Guide Below Helps with the Question:
"Does Insurance Cover Mobility Scooters?"

Mobility Scooter Requirements for Insurance Coverage
Download a Guide of the Mobility Scooter Requirements for Insurance Coverage
Download an Example of an 8 Element Order for Mobility Scooters

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